Working With Yerbua


What are the steps? To successfully create an engaging and functional website, we will work with you through the following web design and development process. Click on each step for further information.


Determine website purpose
We begin by listening to your thoughts, ideas and expectations about creating a website for your business or organization. By understanding the needs of your business or organization, we can create a website that is customized to achieve your specific goals.
Generate project proposal
Once we have a basic understanding of your website needs, we will put together a proposal that includes a description of the web services we will provide along with a cost estimate of the project. We will be up front and honest with you about what we can deliver.
Create design
Once the decision has been made to move forward, we will create a design prototype. We will post the prototype on a development site for you to review.
Obtain website content
The content (words and pictures) should come from you to properly describe your business or organization.
Develop website
This is where it all comes together. We take the feedback from the prototype review, add your unique content, and incorporate into a simple yet elegant web design with easy to use navigation.
We are all about the small details. We test against different browsers, proof the content for consistency and correctness, and test all navigation including the submission of on-line forms and internal or external links.
Final review
Prior to launching your website, we will have you review it one more time. We want to make sure we have met or exceeded your expectations.
This is the point your website "Goes Live" under the unique domain name selected for your business or organization.
Post launch
Website training can be provided based on what you feel is needed. We will work with you regarding ongoing maintenance of your website's content (this can be done by us, or by you). Should a support issue arise regarding your website, we are available to address it.


Who will work on your website? Yerbua is a husband and wife team with many years of Information Technology experience. Together we collaborate to blend design and functionality to create a web presence unique to your business or organization.


Aubrey's photo Aubrey Ebanks

I have 25+ years of experience in the Information Technology industry and have been fortunate that my career has allowed me to work at IBM, Kodak, and Sun Microsystems. I have been focused on website design and development for the past six years. For Yerbua, my focus is on technical development, search engine optimization, functionality and web hosting. I am continually learning new aspects of web design so that I can create a customized website for each and every customer.


Brenda's photo Brenda Ebanks

I have 20+ years of experience in the Information Technology field. My software development experience includes documentation of business requirements, focusing on the user experience and quality assurance testing. At Yerbua, my focus is on the design, layout, technical and creative writing, as well as the detailed testing of your website. My goal is to have your website reach out to customers and showcase the strengths of your business or organization.